Journey Begins

I am so excited to begin this journey! Breastfeeding has been my passion for many years, and now I get to be of service in many other ways. I cannot wait to share this journey for many years with many families. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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  1. The only thing I got out of the book was that a lactating meohtr needs more protein and the increase can be satisfied by drinking 3-31/2 cups more milk a day. There was also a need for more folic acid and some other vitamins that can be supplied by eating more green leafy vegetables. I was hoping for practical daily nutrition suggestions and there were none.

  2. I am breastfeeding my dathguer who’s 10 months, my goal is 12 months as well, but I’m also not going to refuse breastfeeding if she doesn’t wean either. I have a bunch of friends who started off breastfeeding and have stopped.I know for me I rarely see anyone breastfeeding these days, especially in public, and with having an older dathguer that’s just not an option for me, but I could see how (especially first time moms) may be put off by that.I also wonder in this statistic how many mothers are mothers of multiple children, I know making the time to sit down and nurse and pump can be harder when you’re a.stressed out from the workload, b.distracted by another child who wants/needs your attention as wellc.not as easy to start and stop feeding (for me at least)Just my thoughts, I wish it were more prominent and hope that with everyone going back to the basics with their own gardens and making laundry soap and starting to count on themselves maybe this too will change.

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