Testimonial: Stephanie U’Ren

       When I learned I was having twins, one of the things that most intimidated me was the idea of breastfeeding both. I had always intended to breastfeed my children, so I began looking for help while I was pregnant. Through a recommendation, I discovered Cass, a lactation consultant AND a mother of twins! Cass gave me hope and assured me that my body was capable of nursing twins.

       One of the greatest resources that Cass provides is her free Cleavage Club meetings. She facilitates these meetings by answering questions about breastfeeding, connecting mothers with similar needs and struggles, and providing factual information about breastfeeding and surrounding mommy issues. Having attended a few meetings and hearing that she and other twin mothers were able and happy to nurse their twins, I was confident about pursuing breastfeeding. When my daughters were born, they stayed in the NICU for about 3 weeks. There, they learned to depend on and prefer bottles. After they came home, I knew that, although it was difficult, they could be transitioned to enjoy the intimacy of nursing. Cass’ encouragement helped me to stick with it. She came to my home and gave me advice and encouragement for how to get them transitioned.  She was also willing to answer questions via phone and text message to help me better understand the reactions my girls were having to the breast. And, because of her thorough understanding of breastfeeding, we learned that our girls had lip-tie and tongue-tie. After having those altered, our breastfeeding experience was much less painful and seemed less frustrating for my daughters.

       I have recommended Cass and her Cleavage Club meetings to several of my friends, and especially encourage twin moms to come hear the positive experiences other twin mommies are having on their breastfeeding journey.

Stephanie U’Ren

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