Doula Testimonial: Glynnis Gonzalez

Cass is awesome. I’ve known her for 6 years, and in that time I have witnessed her absolute passion for helping mamas start motherhood off with as much ease and support as possible. Not only is she a kick ass IBLCL, she’s also a doula who really works with you. Because of her passion for informed decision making in the birth room and beyond, I have spent the last several years educating myself on birthing options and breastfeeding. Because of this, and taking Bradley Method classes, I knew I wanted a natural birth. Both the classes and she empowered me to make a birth plan, and to know what steps I wanted to take, and when to take them, should it be that I needed to divert from my plan. My labor started 3 days before my son was actually born. For most of this time, Cass was with me.

She came to observe my labor at my house to assess when it was time to go to the hospital after about 12 hours of labor. When I was sent home due to lack of dilation, she went home to get some rest while I labored at home with my husband. When I decided the following morning to return to the hospital, Cass was there within minutes. I had back labor the entire time, and found out later I had cervical scarring preventing me from dilating. When I was finally admitted for high blood pressure, Cass stayed with us until my little boy finally came into the world.

She helped my husband and I be firm, and reassured in our decisions as we took steps for pain management and misdiagnosed preeclampsia. She reminded me in those painful, vulnerable times that it was my birth, my body and my decisions, not the doctor’s. She never told me I couldn’t, or shouldn’t, do any of the things we did during my labor and delivery, but she firmly questioned me to make sure I was making this decision with thought, and not from fear.

When the doctor on call tried to bully me into an unnecessary c-section, Cass was there to act as a middleman, asking for privacy to ‘make the decision’. She brought me back away from the fear the doctor had stirred within my tired, pain riddled mind to remind me that we knew it was unnecessary. In the last long night, she never truly slept as she walked me through each contraction.

After I finally gave birth, she gleefully took pictures of the happy new family, and stayed to make sure I got all of my postpartum wishes and was well take care of by the staff before heading home for some much deserved rest. I have recommended her to many people, both as a doula and an IBLCL and will continue to do so as long as she chooses to answer this calling.

Fate is a tangle, follow one thread,

Glynnis Gonzalez


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