Doula Testimonial: The Schoensiegels

It’s hard to put into words just how amazing this woman is. Strong, patient, kind, nurturing and gentle yet firm when needed. We asked Cass to be our doula because, well, she offered and we were strongly encouraged by our birthing class and midwives to have one.

We knew that she had more than enough experience having 6 children au natural so we felt we were in good hands, there was no need to look elsewhere.

Prior to our actual birth (this being our first) we thought we had this in the bag. My husband and I were confident we made a great team and we never thought we’d really need our doula but to have her there for extra support. Boy were we wrong. Once the real pain began all birthing class tools were out the window and I was ready to give up well beforeĀ  baby was here. Looking back on our birthing experience our biggest mistake was not calling our doula soon enough. We really thought we could get through it on our own. We were 14 hours in before we called her over. We were at our wits end and all out of ideas. I was having a hard time progressing and contractions were still inconsistent. The pain was extreme and I was getting tired.

I remember when she arrived and came through the door, dropping her purse on our front step and rushing in to be with me as I was in the middle of a very painful contraction. She peeled me off the floor and draped my arms over her shoulders to pick me up. Lifting my chin she said, “Now look into my eyes and take a deep breath with me” so I did. The pain was so intense it was hard to breathe, I had forgotten how. She proceeded to tell me that, “baby needs oxygen and you need to breathe”, “the oxygen is good for baby”, she said. This got me breathing and within ten minutes things began to progress. From that moment on Cass was with me through every breath and every contraction until my Beautiful baby girl was born 15 hours later, all natural.

I love my husband but I could not have gotten through without this woman. There is something to be said about having another woman with you through this experience. Especially a woman who has the experience of going through 6 natural births herself, two of which were twins! I trust her wholeheartedly and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula.

-The Schoensiegels

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