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Doula Testimonial: Glynnis Gonzalez

Cass is awesome. I’ve known her for 6 years, and in that time I have witnessed her absolute passion for helping mamas start motherhood off with as much ease and support as possible. Not only is she a kick ass IBLCL, she’s also a doula who really works with you. Because of her passion for informed decision making in the birth room and beyond, I have spent the last several years educating myself on birthing options and breastfeeding. Because of this, and taking Bradley Method classes, I knew I wanted a natural birth. Both the classes and she empowered me to make a birth plan, and to know what steps I wanted to take, and when to take them, should it be that I needed to divert from my plan. My labor started 3 days before my son was actually born. For most of this time, Cass was with me. read more

Doula Testimonial: The Schoensiegels

It’s hard to put into words just how amazing this woman is. Strong, patient, kind, nurturing and gentle yet firm when needed. We asked Cass to be our doula because, well, she offered and we were strongly encouraged by our birthing class and midwives to have one. read more

Testimonial: Stephanie U’Ren

       When I learned I was having twins, one of the things that most intimidated me was the idea of breastfeeding both. I had always intended to breastfeed my children, so I began looking for help while I was pregnant. Through a recommendation, I discovered Cass, a lactation consultant AND a mother of twins! Cass gave me hope and assured me that my body was capable of nursing twins. read more

Longer breastfeeding tied to better development

ASL-030110HEALTHQABREASTFEEDING-1FEIMUKA_FNC_030110_16-32This is a great article that I found that was published December 26, 2013Reuters.

Longer breastfeeding tied to better development

Children who were breastfed for more than six months scored the highest on cognitive, language and motor development tests as toddlers, in a new study from Greece. read more

The Science of Mother’s Milk

Because someone with Dr in front of his or her name says it stops at 6 months, here’s the truth.

The Science of Mother’s Milk

Ayala Ochert
From New Beginnings, Vol. 28 No. 3, 2009, pp. 28-29

Most mothers are aware that breastfeeding boosts a baby’s immune system, but few of us could say how. “It’s something to do with antibodies,” we might answer vaguely. Now there’s a brand of formula on the market claiming to “naturally strengthen your baby’s immune system;” it also says it is “inspired by breastmilk” and “supported by science.” To understand these claims we need to delve a bit deeper into the real science of breastmilk and find out how it actually supports a baby’s developing immune system. read more

Hold Your Babies


Breast Milk is Amazing

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Testimonial: Josslyn Streett

“Cass Romero has been there for me with breastfeeding help, advice and comfort anytime I needed her through both of my boys breastfeeding years.  If it weren’t for her I would have given up and my boys would not have known the health and emotional comfort that they have been blessed with due to breastfeeding.  My oldest son couldn’t suck hard enough to latch on properly in the beginning.  We did not supplement with formula by Cass’ advice, but I did pump and bottle feed in the beginning.  I seriously wanted to breastfeed and Cass stuck with me for an emotional eight weeks until Robby finally was back on the breast full time.  He breastfed, by his choice for three years.  He’s never been sick, not one day.  Also, he is a kid who very badly needed the extra comfort that comes with the one on one contact with his mother through breastfeeding.  I’m glad I don’t have to know how he would be emotionally today without all that extra touch and attention he received. read more

Am I a “lactivist”?

I do not consider myself a lactivist – but I do NOT support formula companies and their practices. Breastmilk is meant for your baby. It’s the best thing for your baby. It is the only perfect food they will ever receive. I feel that my role in this community is to Inform, Educate and Support breastfeeding families. I want you to get the right information; I am not spewing opinions or one sided insights. It is my goal to have the most up to date information and to help you get that information. I take this seriously, and it is my passion to normalize breastfeeding once again, but I am not going to shove information down the throats of the unwilling. I am not going to tell you it’s my way or no way. I want to educate you on the benefits of breastmilk and the dangers of formula. What you choose to do is your decision. I feel that putting out the information is my job; what you do with it is your job. My goal is to get babies and families to understand how amazing and rewarding this journey can be. read more