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Am I a “lactivist”?

I do not consider myself a lactivist – but I do NOT support formula companies and their practices. Breastmilk is meant for your baby. It’s the best thing for your baby. It is the only perfect food they will ever receive. I feel that my role in this community is to Inform, Educate and Support breastfeeding families. I want you to get the right information; I am not spewing opinions or one sided insights. It is my goal to have the most up to date information and to help you get that information. I take this seriously, and it is my passion to normalize breastfeeding once again, but I am not going to shove information down the throats of the unwilling. I am not going to tell you it’s my way or no way. I want to educate you on the benefits of breastmilk and the dangers of formula. What you choose to do is your decision. I feel that putting out the information is my job; what you do with it is your job. My goal is to get babies and families to understand how amazing and rewarding this journey can be. read more